Virtual Continuing Education Opportunities

Updated: May 2020

Public safety doesn't take a break. We are here to serve you throughout this difficult time. As social distancing has required the cancellation and postponement of in-person classes, we want to ensure that you can continue to acquire your Continuing Education Credits. We have gathered a list of IMSA Sustaining Member organizations who are providing CEC opportunities online. The following is an evolving list as we and our partner organizations develop convenient, virtual methods for earning CECs. There are in-person certification programs on the calendar. View them here. 

For questions or to add your organization to this list, please contact Certification Coordinator, Richard Porter



Upcoming IMSA/Arc Advisory Group Monthly Webinars

June 18th
Unmanned Infrastructure Solutions:
How to Bring Visibility and Control to Your Municipal Signal Operations
Presented by Genetec
This presentation will include an interview with the City of Inglewood, California on how they were able to improve operations and better protect their traffic enclosures. 
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June 24th
Smart City Cyber Security

Presented by Arc Advisory Group
Eligible for CECs
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On-Demand Webinars

Smart City Planning: A Structured Approach - eligible for CECs
Presented by Arc Advisory Group
View the recording now.

Electric Vehicles and Fleet Operations - eligible for CECs
Presented by Arc Advisory Group
View the recording now.

Applied Information

For the recorded sessions, Applied Information offers their Training Channel via GoToWebinar, which requires registration in order to view. Applied Information will generate a report to see who has viewed the video and relay assessments to the necessary parties.

For live sessions, Applied Information is able to generate an attendee report to gain access/more detailed insights into participation. 


Econolite is overcoming the travel challenges as a result of COVID-19 by producing and delivering to you more webinar-based and video-based learning content during this unprecedented time. They have stepped up to meet the learning needs of IMSA members by increasing their product webinar offerings with seven webinars in April alone and more in development for May and June. In addition, Econolite’s top-class traffic system experts are currently developing learning videos that provide in-depth technical training at your convenience. 

Don’t miss out on these invaluable opportunities to increase your knowledge and earn the credits necessary to renew your certifications. For up-to-date information on webinar class schedules and new learning videos, be sure to visit the Econolite Learning Center website (



EtherWAN Academy™ is a free resource for those in ITS who want to learn more about how to connect intelligent devices together.  These courses cater to technology used at the intersection, TMC, the roadway, parking structures, emergency response vehicles and more. 

The world is becoming more connected, the courses in EtherWAN Academy will help you learn how, and teach you the technology you need to adapt to the evolving infrastructure.

Courses include:

  • Managed Ethernet Switch Basics
  • Fundamentals of Wireless Communications
  • Introduction to ITS Security
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) Technologies
  • Implementing VLANs & Inter-VLAN Routing


… and many more.



Fiber Optics Association

Fiber U courses recommend, and the approximate time spent studying for the certificate of completion exam:

Fiber U Fiber Optics in Communications: - 2-4 hours

Ever wonder where fiber optics is used and how it works? Are you managing a fiber project and want to understand what is involved? Does your organization use fiber optics and you'd like to know more about how it works? This short introductory lesson from Fiber U is intended for you. Not too technical, just an overview, but a good starting place for everyone interested in fiber optics.

Fiber U Premises Cabling:  -  8-16 hours

This 8-part self-study program covers premises cabling, including copper (UTP and coax), fiber and wireless (or more precisely, cabling for wireless.) This program uses the FOA Online Reference Guide to Fiber Optics, Premises Cabling Section or a copy of the FOA Reference Guide to Premises Cabling, available in printed or eBook form. Study the reference materials and test your comprehension with the online quizzes. Additional reading is included for advanced study. Complete the course and you can take the Fiber U Certificate of Completion exam.

Get a "Certificate of Completion"
When you complete Fiber U Premises Cabling course, you can take an online exam and, when you pass the exam, get a "Certificate of Completion" for this course.  You should complete all lessons including taking the quiz ("Test Your Comprehension") at the end of every lesson. When you think you are prepared, you can take an online exam for a nominal fee ($20) which will give you a "Certificate of Completion" for this course. For more information, click here.



McCain can generate a report indicating time logged in, out and total time spent in webinar.

Popular webinars topics:

  • Technician’s guide to ATCC
  • ATCC Overview
  • Traffic Cabinets 101
  • Signal Timing 101,102,201
  • Hawk
  • FYA
  • Left Turn
  • Adaptive Signal Control
  • Signal Performance Measures
  • Hi-Res Data
  • Video Detection
  • Signs
  • Pedestrians
  • Controllers in CV environment


Sunshine Safety

The online video library below is available to IMSA member companies for use as training tools, toolbox talks, safety meetings, etc. Some are just videos reviewing safety topics and some have quizzes to verify knowledge. Some even have entire packages that can be downloaded for classroom use. If companies want to download materials to offer a class to in-house employees or students need to take a quiz/earn a certificate they can simply type "quiz" into the search bar, and they will get a list of videos that offer those option.

Sunshine Safety offers verification that a student watched particular videos. Please contact Sunshine Safety for login information.



Want to sharpen your skills? Watch a ZincFive on-demand webinar presented by their industry experts.



Federal Highway Administration

Search for courses here.